Hi… Sorry I haven’t posted since last week. I have kind of had the blahs. Sure we all know how that goes. The time of year it is… the weather… lots of excuses. Go figure!! Anyway… I was so excited to see comments on my blog… that made me really want to make sure that I keep up with it. So far I have been sticking to the rules… well the one I have the hardest time with, is the no smoking… it’s so damned hard to quit. haha… hubby feels bad trying to enforce that one, because he himself is a smoker, so i might actually had to edit that one or delete it altogether haha. Hubby has been really good about leaving me a list of things he wants me to do . I wake up to a list of things to get done before he gets home. I haven’t had the pleasure or pain of a spanking in about a week. So I just might have to deviate from the list just to get one. HAHA. The last spanking I got was for my attitude… which seems to be a common occurrence with me lately. I received 6 swats.. 4 with a whip… 2 on each end of the whip.. one has tassles and the other one has a leather loop at the end… and I got two from his hand… I honestly couldn’t tell which one hurt more. We decided that I would get 2 swats per infraction on the list. The best punishment that I have received so far, was about 3 weeks ago. On Christmas eve in fact. … for my attitude (big surprise) and not doing my chores. He bent me over his knee on the couch and busted my ass… then he made me go take off my sweats and sit for the rest of the evening butt ass naked. That was very embarrassing and shameful, but then again, I guess that is the  point now isn’t it ?? And yes, I did think twice about not doing my chores again… at least for awhile. Hubby wants to incorporate maintenance spankings, he says I tend to do better with my attitude when I am well maintained. He has yet to do it, it is still in the suggestion phase of things. He has been a little slacked since I had back surgery about 6 weeks ago, he is afraid to hurt my back. .. but he still manages to brighten my ass that’s for sure!!!  I get so excited by the fact that my husband cares enough to spank me and see that I’m behaving like he thinks I should.  He is surprised that I get so hot and bothered and wet from the spankings. Of course it almost always leads to love making afterwards… but that’s a good thing right?? Ha  There are some times that it is just a punishment and no sex afterwards, which at times seems like a punishment in itself. There is nothing like a good hot passionate love making session with your hubby after you have been spanked. It makes me look at him so differently after he has tanned my hide. I feel so loved and cared for and  cherished. The love making seems so passionate and full of love afterwards. Well, I guess that is all I have to say for now… Hubby has been pushing me to keep up with this blog… and I will do so.  I will post more shortly. Thank you… Take Care


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